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Poll Dancin' Week 5 - OU no longer sits atop their perch

Back for Week 5 and things get a little more interesting this week as our Sooners lost their grip on the #1 ranking with the release of this week's AP Poll Sunday afternoon.  It was only a drop of one spot, to #2 overall, but a deserved one after a less than impressive performance at home against Missouri.  When your star defensive player says after the game that you don't deserve to be the #1 ranked team, he probably knows what he's talking about.  So on to our breakdown.

Despite the drop to #2, Oklahoma did still collect 12 first place votes and drew rankings from first to fourth.  In fact, their most common ranking was actually #3 (24 times).  What this week's poll tells us is that just because you start at #1 and win, that isn't going to be enough to just hold on to said #1 ranking.  And quite frankly, I wouldn't think you'd want it any other way.

As we do every week, now we'll examine some of the other more interesting aspects of the Week 5 AP Poll.

* After falling out last week, Arizona State reenters the poll this week at #25 after their win over USC.  They drew votes as high as #19 and as low as unranked with a most common ranking of unranked (16 times).

* The Baylor Bears are a Top 15 football team.  Does that read as weird as it was to type it?  They moved up two spots this week and received votes as high as #10 (Josh Kendall) and as low as #23 (Jon Wilner) with a most common ranking of #14 (15 times).

* Clemson is the obvious choice for Flavor of the Week team.  They jumped eight spots, from #21 to #13, in this week's poll after their win over Florida State.  What the voters have apparently forgotten is that they're still Clemson. Enjoy it while you can fellas.  As for the ranking, they drew votes as high as #6 and as low as #20.

* Our friends from Tallahassee are kind of reeling now with back-to-back losses and in two weeks have fallen from #5 all the way to #23.  They got votes as high as #13 and as low as unranked with a most common ranking of unranked (22 times).

* Entering the "others receiving votes" category for the first time all year our your K-State Wildcats!  Technically ranked #31 with a bullet!

* Our good friends from Stillwater have entered rarefied air this week with their Top Five ranking.  They actually drew votes as high as #2 (really Jon Wilner?) and as low as #15 with a most common ranking of #6 (15 times).

* Ahhhh, the poor Aggies of Texas A&M.  After a truly epic implosion on their own field in front of their own idiotic SEC t-shirt wearing fans, proved what we all knew and what they were in complete denial about.  You were Top 10 impostors.  They fall from #8 to #14 and arguably should have fallen even farther.  They received votes as high as #8 (which is a joke David Teel) and as low as #22 (that's more like it Scott Wolf).  Still feelin' confident about that move south fellas?  If that was an SEC defense and not an Okie State one, Tannehill might have had double digit INTs.

* And finally our buddies down in Austin, who maintain their undefeated streak of bye week victories.  And because of that impressive win this week, they conveniently move up two spots to #17.  With a big, that's right this is where Texas football is right now, game against Iowa State this week they could be on the verge of breaking into the Top 15.  This week however, they received votes as high as #13 and as low as unranked with a most common ranking of #18 (11 times).

Make sure to check back next week after what will hopefully be a "big" win for OU over Ball State, which surely will be enough to convince the pollsters that the Sooners deserve that #1 ranking back. (((sarcasm)))