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CFB Saturday Game Thread

As always, your favorite spot to come and talk all things CFB on the greatest day of the week!  Today we have a special one for you.  The battle between the two "Co-champs is about all we can ever expect so it's good enough for us to go out and have rings made even though it's incredibly embarrassing and pathetic" teams in College Station this afternoon!  I have not been able to confirm this, but there is a rumor floating around that both teams have each contracted out Jostens to be on site for the winner to have their very own 'September 24, 2011 Champions of the World' rings made for the winner immediately after the game.  The loser will of course just get 'September 24, 2011 Co-Champs' rings.  So win-win for everybody!!!

So, anyway.  Here is your Big 12, er no 10, er uh no 9 (yeah, that has a nice ring to it) slate and some other national games of interest.

The Second Place is Good Enough for Us Bowl (unofficial title) Okie State @ Texas A&M 2:30 ABC

Kansas State @ Miami (the non-Ohio version) 2:30 ESPiNU

Rice @ Baylor 6:00 FSN

Nevada @ Texas Tech 6:00

Arkansas @ Alabama 2:30 CBS

Florida State @ Clemson 2:30 ESPiN

LSU @ West Virginia 7:00 ABC