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Sooners And Tigers When #1 Is On The Line

When Oklahoma visited Missouri last year the Sooners were the top team in the BCS rankings. It was the first time that OU had played Missouri with a number one ranking since 2003 when the Sooners trounced the Tigers 34-13 in Norman. The two schools have met on the football field four times when one of them were ranked #1 and until last season the Sooners had walked off the field winners every time. 

This Saturday brings another match-up in which Oklahoma will carry the #1 ranking into the game and if history tells us anything, its a game that the Sooners should win. 

September 30th, 1978 - #14 Missouri at #1 Oklahoma: Having not lost to the Tigers since 1969 the top ranked Sooners jumped up 21-0 on the Tigers in the first quarter and  then never looked back on their way to a 45-23 win. Oklahoma racked up 516 total yards of offense (484 on the ground) with an average of 8.2 yards per play. 

November 14th, 1987 - Missouri at #1 Oklahoma: Struggling to hang on to the football, losing four fumbles, the Sooners couldn't quite manhandle a pesky Tiger defense. The Sooners led 10-7 at the half and although they would extend the lead to 17-3 in the third quarter Oklahoma would have to hang on for a 17-13 win. 

October 18th, 2003 - #24 Missouri at #1 Oklahoma: The Sooners exploded for 24 points in the second quarter to turn a tight 7-3 game into a 31-10 blowout at the half. Taking their foot off the gas, Oklahoma cruised to a comfortable 34-13 win. 

December 1st, 2007 - #9 Oklahoma vs. #1 Missouri: Playing against Missouri for the fist time in the Big 12 championship game the Sooners trailed the Tigers 3-0 after the first quarter. Oklahoma was able to reach the the end zone twice in the second quarter to tie the game at 14-14 and then took control in the second half, outscoring the Tigers 24-3, in route to a 38-17 win, thus crushing Missouri's hopes of reaching their first ever BCS championship game. 

October 23rd, 2010 - #1 Oklahoma at #18 Missouri: The Sooners were actually ranked 3rd in the AP but carrying the #1 BCS ranking was the motivation for a frenzied crowd and a Missouri team that was fired up from start to finish. From the opening kickoff everything that could go wrong for Oklahoma did. It was a strong, 16-point, fourth quarter that drove the final nail in the Oklahoma coffin but even more so it was a quick strike Missouri offense that tormented the Sooners all night. Missouri put up 486 yards of total offense on the Sooners (308 passing/178 rushing) in route to a 36-27 win. Can I just add that if I never see another hook and lateral play, ever, it'll be too soon. 

History teaches us two things here. First, any team can win at any time. Last year the Sooners walked into an ambush in Columbia last year and the Tigers were more than ready. However, playing Missouri at home is a bit of a different story. The Sooners have the nation's longest home winning streak and haven't lost to Missouri in Norman since 1966. Even more importantly, when the #1 ranking is on the line Oklahoma is a perfect 3-0. Here's to hoping that we see history repeat itself Saturday night.