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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser

It's that day of the week, Bob Stoops' weekly meeting with the media.  Expect plenty of "in the end"s, short answers to soft ball questions, and some quality fake laughing from the media members in attendance when Stoops goes off the cuff with his attempts at humor.  How could we not recap that for you!  As always, you can catch the live show here.

* Bob opened with some very complimentary comments towards Florida State, says he expects them to go on and have a great season (We sure hope so Bob).

* He went on to single out some players from the FSU game that played well.  Tom Wort, Javon Harris, Frank Alexander, Travis Lewis on defense.  Offensively, he was very happy with their ability to run the football when they needed to. Singled out Kenny Stills, Gabe Ikard, and Ben Habern on offense.

* Moving on to this week, continues to give his team some subtle shots by bringing up being #1 last year and not playing well in Columbia.

* The first question was whether or not Travis Lewis was going to play this week.  He said that he thought so, but they'd see hot it played out through the week.

* Asked about possibly moving Jefferson to free safety.  Said they'll continue to play both he and Harris at that spot.

Finch comments after the jump

* Seven and a half minutes in, somebody finally asks the $64,000 question on the mind of Sooners fans.  Why hasn't Finch been a bigger part of the offense?  I'll give you his direct quote "Well, that's just kind of how it's worked out. These other guys have done really well.  Again, we'll get Roy more and more as we go.  And these guys have earned that through last spring, summer, all our work up to this point.  So, we don't put people in positions without having earned all of it."  Well alrighty then.  And if you don't watch the video, when he says it (IMO) you can tell he's trying to send a message.  Has a very, very serious look on his face.  Very much sounds like some of the things we've been hearing about him not putting in the work in practice might be true after all.  He was asked later, towards the end, specifically if Finch was in the doghouse.  FWIW he said no, he was not.

* Stoops goes on to talk about how much Wort has improved compared to last year when everyone was questioning his play and now, through the first two games, he's one of their best players.  Also very complimentary of the front four.

* Bob gets a little testy with John Hoover of the Tulsa World who asked said that Stoops had emphasized the 'revenge factor' for OU heading into Saturday.  Stoops got all worked up saying he's never said anything like that and those words haven't come out of his mouth.  For some inexplicable reason, Hoover continues to push him on it and Stoops tells him to write whatever he wants.  Stoops had what I thought was a great line "To me it's arrogant to act like they had no right to beat us.  They did everything better than we did."

* Bob was asked how loud the FSU fans were on Saturday and said it was tough to communicate out there, but that he expected the OU fans to be just as loud this week against Mizzou.  Mentions the Texas Tech game from 2008, but this time does not go as far as calling out Sooner Nation.  That's just on special occasions ;)

* He was also asked if he was so confident in how the defense was playing that he chose to get conservative on offense.  Outstanding question, but we all know he'd never answer it honestly.  Naturally, he says "not really" that he's never really played things that way outside of maybe the last five minutes of a game or something similar.  

* How comfortable are you with the red zone offense?  "Um, it's better but it's only our second game.  We've gotta make more strides.  Tulsa it was good.  It needs to get better, but do I think it's better than a year ago?  Yeah, by a long shot.  When you run and don't make it, see you should have thrown it.  I like what he's (Heupel) doing.  Let's remember, we're not playing the Little Sisters of the Poor."