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Big 12 Quoteboard: Should Beating Florida State Make OU #1 In Everyone's Mind?

One of the trends (that we're proudly involved in) among the SBN blogs is a breakdown of the game film with some thoughts. Its some of the best analysis around done by guys who are blatant homers but still truthful and insightful. Our favorite whipping boy over at the A&M blog gives us a perfect example of this. 

I've had a chance to watch the game again online, and it reinforced some of the thoughts I had while watching the game live.

  • Despite solid numbers (26-39, 337 yards, 2 TDs, INT), Ryan Tannehillhad a below average game for him. His passes were a little off, sometimes too high or too low, and he seemed to be hurrying his progression at times. 
  • One of the reasons Tannehill might have been a little off was because our OL wasn't as solid as they should have been in pass-pro. Tannehill was never sacked (nor was backup Jameill Showers), but there was pressure a few times. What really frustrated me about Tannehill's play is he seemed reticent to run with the ball a few times when he had an opening. I don't know how much of this was his decision versus how much of it was the coaches telling him to avoid unnecessary chance of injury in a game we were winning easily. - I Am The 12th Man
  • Speaking of A&M, they've got a huge game coming up this weekend when the Oklahoma State Cowboys come calling. Just how big is this game for OSU? That's the nature of the conversation over at CRFF. 

    An interesting question was posed yesterday by Mr. AUKing. Is this weekend the biggest road game in Oklahoma State Football history? 

    Royal John:

    Wow, great question. Mizzou was big but didn't carry the same ramifications. Any huge road games in the 80s when we were ranked so high?


    In 1988, we finished the year 10-2 and played road games at Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas Tech in Tokyo! We lost at Nebraska early in the year when we were 4-0 so I bet that was a pretty big game that eliminated us from any NC talk. Comparable to this game at A&M? - Cowboys Ride For Free

    With the birth of the super conferences looming its only natural for teams like Iowa State to wonder about their future. 

    As the third college football Saturday came to a close, Pitt and Syracuse were officially accepted into the ACC. This puts the ACC at 14 teams, the Big East at 7, and sudden questions into play about  the stability of the Big East as a conference. Combined with Texas A&M's departure from the Big XII, the conference landscape is getting more unstable by the second.

    Oklahoma's Board of Regents will be discussing the matter Monday, as will the Board of Regents at Texas. In both cases, it is expected that they will give their school's President the power to choose a conference for the school. Indications are currently that Oklahoma (and probably Oklahoma State) will be headed to the Pac-12, and who knows what else from there. - Clone Chronicles 

    We're big fans of the conference power rankings put out by Rock Chalk Talk

    Full league back in action during week three and the big one on the docket was a road trip for top ranked Oklahoma.  The Sooners answered the call as did most of the league in their respective games.  Perhaps the wildest one occurred in Stillwater where the OSU Cowboys and Tulsa kicked off AFTER MIDNIGHT.

    Would you have stayed around for that one?  Power rankings 1-10, let's get it going.

    Here's a shock. Texas fan doesn't feel that Oklahoma deserves to be #1. 

    Here's my ballot for this week.

    A couple of notes:

    (1) Even though OU won on the road in a hostile environment, LSU's defense has now given me enough to work on to elevate them to the top of the poll. - Burnt Orange Nation

    More great football analysis for junkies like me. 

    Here are my quick-hit thoughts on what I saw:

    • Texas Tech ran 14 plays out of the Pistol formation, 8 runs and 6 passes. Naturally, you would think that this would be more of a running set and thus far, OC Neal Brown is sticking to that.
    • Texas Tech passed the ball on the first 9 plays resulting in 2 touchdowns.  I'm sure that will make some of you incredibly happy.
  • One other note, which is that of those 14 plays in the Pistol, the offense gained 115 yards, which was good for 8.2 yards per play. The pistol is not a short-yardage offense, at least not against New Mexico, but it can be an offense that is explosive. - Double T Nation
  • Missouri receiver Jerrell Jackson has Oklahoma fans fired up but that's the least of his worries. He's also got the Sooner defense fired up. 

    Missouri wide receiver Jerrell Jackson evidently is looking to get the attention of the #1 team in the country. 

    Asked by the St. Louis Post Dispatch what made Oklahoma so tough at home, Jackson had this to say:

    "I don't know what makes them so tough," he said. "Ain't nothing tough about them to me."

    Crimson And Cream Machine

    Who are the power brokers behind the Big 12's implosion. Rock M Nation provides a portrait of it for us. (Very entertaining!)

    Once again, the great wheel of realignment turns, grinding into dust those who can't or won't get out of its way. An intricate network of college presidents, athletic directors, conference commissioners, media barons, mega boosters and dentists plot endlessly to ensure that their interests are served above all others. But who are these titans of college athletics? Below, I attempt to lay out the cabal that is reshaping college athletics. - Rock M Nation

    Another BlogPoll that doesn't include OU at #1. Hmmmmm...

    In light of recent events, I had to fight a severe urge to file a protest ballot for theSB Nation BlogPoll that consisted of nothing but mid-major (non-BCS) teams.

    But somehow, despite my overwhelming disgust with the system, I managed to file a semi-objective ballot. Maybe next week is when I'll start making a mockery of the process. - Bring On The Cats