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Class of 2012 five star DE Mario Edwards Jr. to visit OU. Again.

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Our good friends over at SoonerScoop have been able to confirm that ESPiN #1 overall player, five star defensive end, and current FSU commit Mario Edwards will be a guest of the Sooners this week as they take on Missouri.  This news also comes after he was unable to attend the OU vs. FSU game last weekend.  I'll give you a minute to let that sink in.

Now before any of our FSU friends start sending me harshly worded emails, let me be clear that OU's chances on stealing this kids away from the Noles are slim, at least as we know things today, but there are little details that continue to pop up that are giving those of us that follow OU recruiting just a little more hope.  The first was a visit he and his father took to Norman a little while back and the glowing reviews he gave in an interview discussing the visit.  The second being that fact that he wasn't at the OU/FSU game, though that was for a personal reason (his h.s. homecoming I believe) so reading too much into that would be foolish.  Plus, even with the final outcome not going in favor of the Noles, it's not like he saw anything from that defense (or the atmosphere for that matter) to not be excited about.  However, with news that he will be in Norman this Saturday (especially after OU having just beat FSU) and privy to all the sights, sounds, access, and just the general feel in Norman for a game day, it certainly can't hurt our chances.  Add in the fact that any OU fan who had to get to the game in Tallahassee last week knows how big a pain it was and that it's just a short two hour drive to Norman from his home in Denton, TX and the distance aspect in terms of his family being able to easily come watch his games is most definitely in our favor.

I will reiterate, I think at this point getting your expectations up would just be setting yourself up for disappointment.  He's a legacy at FSU (his father played there) and has never really given any kind of indication that he's wavering on his commitment.  That said, if you can get these kids on campus, especially to a game (like for instance this Mizzou game where OU is looking to exact some revenge and could really make an impression), then anything is possible when it comes to recruiting.