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OU vs. FSU - Film Study (2nd Half)

Alright, we're back.  OU kicking off to start the 2nd half.  Let's get right into it.

* This is the return where Austin Haywood destroys Joyner.  To his credit, Joyner pops right back up.  As for the penalty, if it was for the hit then we might as well just get it over with and put Joyner in a dress.  If it was actually for him standing over the kid, well I still think it's pretty weak but also unnecessary and his own fault for doing so. 

* 14:56 3rd Qtr - Casey Walker just embarrassed Bryan Stork.  FSU runs a little sweep run play and Walker shoots the gap like he was shot out of a cannon.  Blows up the play for a six yards loss and gets up from the tackle to do a little shimmy dance.  Travis Lewis immediately runs up to him with his hands up clearly telling him to settle down and not drawn yet another penalty from these flag happy refs.  The dance quickly earns him a spot on the sideline next to Jackie Shipp who is shown "givin' him the business."  Erin Andrews, stupidly (shocking, I know!) comes on after the following play to state that Walker is not in the game because of an ankle injury (and yes, I know he was hurt earlier).  Ahhh honey, you're so pretty.  Jefferson blows up another play on 2nd down and FSU runs a give up play on 3rd and long. Three and out, punting back to OU.

* 10:37 3rd Qtr - OU ball, 3rd and 10 at their own 45.  Landry in the shotgun with Clay to his right.  At the snap, Werner gets an unbelievable jump, not offsides though IMO, and just gives Stephenson no chance.  Easily beats him off the edge for a sack on Landry.  OU punting.  Great punt by Tress Way pins them back that their own 11.

* 9:48 3rd Qtr - OU again brings Colvin on the blitz, virtually untouched, and it's a testament to Manuel's athletic ability and strength that this wasn't a sack back at their one yard line.  He's able to dump it off to his RB over the middle and get a four yard gain instead of a ten yard loss.

* 7:53 3rd Qtr - FSU ball, 2nd and 2 from their own 34.  This is where Manuel gets hurt.  You've seen the play.  It's a designed QB run, he takes it right, Jefferson gets him low tripping him up, and Travis Lewis comes in over the top to finish him off.  Interesting in rewatching this, Lewis immediately gets up and starts signaling to the OU sideline as if he knows Manuel might be hurt (may be reaching there on my part knowing what we know now though).  Next play he completes a pass and immediately reaches for his shoulder and signals the FSU sideline he's hurt.  I mentioned this on our podcast Sunday night, they show on t.v. numerous times him making a motion to his sideline to come out or that he's hurt.  It just seems bizarre that the FSU coaches don't notice this, evident in the fact that once there is a stoppage you can read Jimbo Fisher's lips when Manuel comes to the sideline asking him "What happened?"

* 4:30 3rd Qtr - 1st and 10 for OU from their 33.  Landy's second INT and this one is just baffling.  Little bit of a designed roll out to his right and he's looking for Stills streaking down the right sideline the entire time.  Only problem is he's bracketed by two FSU defenders.  Now bare in mind there really is no pressure on Landry here, so he has time, sees the double coverage, and still decides to make this throw.  To me, that is a real problem because it is just a terrible decision.  Stills isn't behind the guy, there is a defender behind him and another in front (hence bracketed). Beyond questionable that he even makes that throw.  Oh and from a "you should no longer be doing your job anymore" perspective, a brilliant comment from Mushberger on the INT.  "Landry Jones a little greedy on that play, but in effect it is just as good as a punt."  That's right idiot, on first down (because so many teams punt on first down right?) a INT is just as good as a punt.  

* 4:21 3rd Qtr - FSU takes over at their own 22 with backup Clint Trickett.  They waste no time and have him throw deep on his first play.  And why not with this officiating crew?  Somehow, despite the ball being an easy 3-5 yards out of bounds and very little contact from Fleming, these morons decide to reward FSU's ballsiness with a b.s. PI call and 15 yards.  Ridiculous.  They should have played with flags on this game.

* 4:16 3rd Qtr - After that crap call, they come back with a running play and helloooo Mr. Hammer.  They try to pull their right guard and Ronnell will be having none of that.  Way, way too fast, the guard never had a shot.  That FSU guard owes his RB a serious apology because he almost just got him killed.  It's worth mentioning again that Lewis looks like he's really starting to come into his own.  He was outstanding in this game and there is no reason to think he won't continue to just get better and better as the season goes along.

* Random note - I know Bud Elliott asked the question leading up to the game if OU would respect their receivers this go round, but I'd say it was their RBs/running game they disrespected this time.  And save the "well Manuel was out comments" because it was happening even before he got hurt.

* 3:00 3rd Qtr - 3rd and 1 for FSU from their 46.  This is the other "non-measurement" that stood out to me.  They go play action as the TE releases late on a short out route.  He catches the ball a hair short and looks to have an easy first down, but Wort closes the gap in a heartbeat and appears to possibly stopped him just short.  I won't make to big a deal of it because obviously nothing came of it, but it's the second time where it was BEYOND close enough for them to need a measurement and these freaking refs don't seem to have the time to be bothered.  Nope, just wave 'em forward.  Heck, the spot might have needed to be reviewed by the booth but do you see them calling down?  Of course not.  Got to try and get these guys back in the game any way we can!

* 1:07 3rd Qtr - 2nd and 9 for FSU from the OU 28.  Mr. Jefferson is about to welcome Trickett to big time college football.  T-Jeff is lined up over the slot and at the snap immediately comes on the blitz to Trickett's blind side.  The freshman RB for FSU does a terrible job in pass protect, recognizing this way too late, and Jefferson basically comes untouched to drill Trickett.  He gets rid of the ball, but the pass isn't even close.  You can tell that hit made in impact as Trickett comes walking to the sideline very slowly.  

* 0:25 3rd Qtr - A not so welcome reminder of the mini heart attack I had watching live when you realize #85 is guy down on the field for OU.  Me no likely.

End of the third, 13-6 OU.

* 14:34 4th Qtr - 1st and 10 for FSU from their 30.  Running theme-Once again Colvin comes on the blitz and this time he and Frank Alexander, who just tosses aside the FSU RT, meet at the QB for an eight yard loss and sack.

* 13:08 4th Qtr - FSU punting to OU and yet another very questionable flag from these refs.  A block below the waist call on Hurst who hits an FSU guy, who is bent over mind you, in the shoulder before sliding down through the block and finishing the block below the waist.  I'm not expert, but I have to believe that is not how that rule was written and yet another terrible call by these guys pinning OU inside their own five.

* 11:29 4th Qtr - 1st and 10 for FSU from the OU 38 after a very poor punt by Way.  R.J. Washington makes yet another appearance with his second sack in as many games.  Both FSU tackles grossly held their men on this play, no flags.

* 10:26 4th Qtr - 2nd and 22 for FSU after a holding penalty.  It looks like they're trying to run some kind of fancy schmancy play here and Wort just goes British Bulldog and blows it up.  Just lines up the QB from the second it's snapped and takes a straight shot to Trickett, kid never had a chance.  Trickett comes up with his hands up like "WTF?!?"  Sadly however, this sets up the next play.

* 9:43 4th Qtr - 3rd and 28 for FSU and here it comes.  It's the equivalent of a hail mary essentially, just throwing it up between three guys near the marker.  You know what happens next.  Javon Harris makes an absolutely terrible read on the ball after Fleming makes a failed attempt to knock it down.  Never really understood everybody fawning over the WR for the actual catch which I seemed to remember from that night, not like it was all that tough he just jumped up and caught it.  Pretty simple.  Once Harris mistakenly goes for the ball, there is nobody behind him to stop the play and somehow they turn a 3rd and 28 into a game tying TD.

* Random note - On the ensuing kickoff, Franks gets only his second chance to return one on the night and again underwhelms.  Looks to possibly have a chance at a bigger return if he bounces it outside to his left, but instead runs it up inside and is tackled at the 16.  Seriously?  Just down it next time.  Both his returns were worse than what a touchback would have been.

* 7:23 4th Qtr - The FSU DT is clearly lined up in the neutral zone and as if that weren't enough, Brandon Jenkins once again jumps early, clearly offsides, and neither is called.

* 7:19 4th Qtr - BIG 3rd down and 12 here for OU.  Landry in the gun, four wide set (Franks, Broyles, Hanna, and Stills), with Clay to his left.  Werner kills Johnson off the snap, but this time Landry correctly steps up into the pocket instead of freaking out.  Just a terrible job by the FSU secondary, who allows Broyles to get off untouched and really never checked all the way down the seam.  Just made it really easy for Landry and RB.  HUGE 1st down for the Sooners.

* 7:08 4th Qtr - 1st and 10 from the FSU 37.  Stills game winning TD.  Landry again in the gun, three wide to his left, again Clay to his left in the backfield.  As he gets the snap, Lanry gives a pump fake as if it's the patented OU swing pass, as Stills streaks past Reid and up the sideline.  It's definitely under thrown, no question, but Stills just makes a great play on the ball.  Reid just looks helpless on the play.  If there were any h.s. WRs watching, that is why you catch the ball with your hands and not your body!  20-13 OU.

* 5:41 4th Qtr - 2nd and 13 for FSU.  Harris' 2nd INT.  A very under looked aspect of this play I feel is how Harris even got the INT.  The ball was tipped by Ronnell Lewis who initially had his hand on the ground to rush the passer, gets double teamed, realizes he's not getting there, and drops back a bit before leaping up to deflect the pass.  Just outstanding recognition on his part.  Now not to slight Harris because he had to make a hell of a play on the ball just to bring it in.  The replay just confirms it as he makes a great play on the ball to tuck it in before it has a chance to hit the ground and negate the INT.

* This is where OU seals the game and it's equally as impressive as their opening drive, perhaps even more so when you consider FSU had to know the run was coming and yet they could not stop it.

* 4:52 4th Qtr - After a three yard run on first down, OU has it 2nd and 7 from the FSU 43.  OU actually does something quite interesting here, in that they have Stephenson essentially lined up as a TE on the right side next to Johnson at RT.  They did this a couple other times in the game and it's obviously something to keep an eye on going forward.  Naturally, they run behind the right side and Whaley just barely gets tripped up by FSU's Harris or that was six.  As it is, a 14 yard gain that moves the chains and keeps the clocking rolling.

* They go back to the left (CC's offensive recap nailed this fyi), as Whaley gets popped pretty good by Joyner but not before picking up nine yards.  Millard with a solid lead block yet again.  You follow that kid and you're getting positive yards, point blank.  It really is that simple.  On second down, they again go back over the left side for yet another first down run.

* They just keep feeding Whaley the rock and he just keeps grinding out tough yards.  Really telling that they have this much trust in this kid in this big a moment.

* 2:05 4th Qtr - Lil' Jimmy strolls onto the field to ice it.  Sooner Nation collectively holds their breath.  Is it bad that even though I know he makes it and this is the fourth time I've rewatched this, I'm still nervous watching him line up to kick it?  We've all seen it.  He almost kicks it under the freaking crossbar somehow.  And I also know you've all seen the replay of Stoops reaction to the kick.  Now after having seen that we all know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what else he might say he really does feel exactly like we do every time Stevens goes out there.  Thank you ABC cameras for validating everything we've ever said about our kicker!  We now know our coach agrees with us even if he'll never admit it.

* 1:57 4th Qtr - FSU gets the ball back on their own 17.  Much to many an OU fan's surprise, the Sooners defense does not go into Pre-Venables mode.  Jefferson comes on the blitz, again untouched, and drills Trickett for a seven yard loss.

* 1:24 4th Qtr - 4th down for FSU and it's pretty much a done deal.  But just for good measure, we bring Wort on the blitz and he abuses #23 for FSU who is trying half heartedly to pass protect.  Wort easily tosses him aside to get one more kill shot in on Trickett, who is in turn forced to get rid of it early and it falls harmlessly several yards short of this intended receiver.  Game over and a painful way to end it, at least for Trickett.

Out comes every team's favorite, the victory formation.  OU and Stoops put some demons to rest in a massively big win for both.  Still just as sweet for the fourth time as it was the first.  Bring on Mizzou!