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OU President David Boren makes statement on OU's future

"I don't think OU is going to be a wallflower when all is said and done."

"I don't know how long it will be before clarity comes to us. My experience is that on these kinds of things, it might be a matter of 72 hours, it might be a matter of two weeks. I don't really think this is something that is going to linger on beyond two or three weeks at the outside."

David Boren has spoken.  I'm not sure how much he really said exactly, but at least we've finally heard something from the OU administration.  It would have been foolish to assume that they weren't working diligently behind the scenes to ensure their future, but the lack of anything resembling a public comment it had become somewhat disconcerting for the impatient people among us.  In fact Boren addressed the lack of public comments from OU officials in his statement.

"We have been relatively and unusually quiet in terms of public pronoucents, that's to keep open and study the best options for us and not lock ourselves into a course of action until we know what's best for the university."  We're at the sensitive point of discussions among schools that I think too much said in public, reduces the chance of success, of our goals, or that enhances it. I really can't say much more than that."

The preference, has it always has been, appears to be trying to keep what's left of the Big XII together and possibly getting back to 12 teams.  However, with this statement OU fans should feel somewhat reassured that David Boren, Joe C, and others continue to work hard, albeit privately, to make sure OU chooses its own future rather than having it chosen for them.