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Week Four BlogPoll Ballot: Not Punishing The `Noles (That Much)

The notion that a team should drop significantly in the rankings after losing to the number one team in the nation is exactly why the BlogPoll came about. We don't follow the traditional rules of the media polls and certainly don't throttle a team for doing exactly what everyone thought they would do. I thought Stanford was impressive in their win over Arizona so I swapped them with Florida State. However, I also thought that the Seminoles loss to Oklahoma was more impressive than Nebraska's win over Washington so FSU remains in front of the Huskers. They can either prove me right or wrong this coming weekend when they travel to play Clemson. 

Team Last Week's Ranking This Week's Ranking Comments
Oklahoma #1 #1 Solidified their position as #1 with 10 point win at #5 Florida State
Alabama #2 #2 Not challenged by N. Texas
LSU #3 #3 Pulled away from Mississippi State in the second half
Stanford #5 #4 27-point wine at Arizona
Florida St. #4 #5 Strong defense/played #1 Oklahoma well into the 4th
Nebraska #6 #6 Missed a chance to move up by struggling at home against Washington
Boise State #7 #7 Victims of a weak schedule
Oregon #8 #8 49-point win over Missouri St
Wisconsin #9 #9 Impressive win over unimpressive opponent

Oklahoma State

#10 #10 Explosive on offense. Big question mark on defense. 

Moving up this week on my ballot are Stanford, Florida, West Virginia, Houston, USC, S. Florida, Michigan and Missouri. Dropping down are Florida State, Arkansas and Virginia Tech. Leaving the ballot are Michigan State, Ohio State, Tennessee and Mississippi State. New thing week are Texas, Clemson, Illinois and Georgia Tech. 

Complete ballot after the jump.