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After win vs. FSU, Oklahoma strengthens grip on #1 ranking

Despite the stupid speculation of some that somehow going on the road, at night, and facing a fellow Top 5 team would cause OU to slip from #1, the idiots were proven wrong with the release of the AP and Coaches poll this afternoon.  In fact, as it should be, the Sooners strengthened their grip on the #1 ranking gaining first place votes in both polls.

AP Top Five in order (1st place votes) are:  OU (37), LSU (14), Alabama (7), Boise State (2), and Stanford.  LSU moves back up to #2 from #3 and Stanford moves into the top five after FSU drops out.  Actually, FSU drops all the way to #11 which is a little harsh IMO.  It's not like last night's game wasn't competitive and OU is the #1 team in the country.  Okie State is #7, A&M #8, and Baylor is #17.  Texas actually moves up four spots into the Top 20 at #19.  Michigan State, Ohio State, Auburn, Arizona State, and Miss. St. all drop out of the Top 25.

Coaches Top Five in order (1st place votes) are: OU (50), Alabama (4), LSU (5), Boise State, and Stanford.  Coaches drop FSU even farther, all the way from #5 to #14.  Wow!  OSU is #6, A&M #8, Texas #18, and Baylor #19.