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CFB Saturday Game Thread

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Your and CC's 3-0 Iowa State Cyclones people.  Show some respect!  Here is your CFB Saturday game thread to help you kill some time before the showdown in Tally.

Oh, and here is your fair warning.  If you post Corso's pick here or anywhere on this site, you feel the power of the ban hammer.  And no, I'm not kidding.  Thanks!

Kansas @ Georgia Tech 11:30

Texas Tech @ New Mexico 2:30

Texas @ UCLA 2:30

Kent State @ Kansas State 6:00

W. Illinois @ Missouri 6:00

Stephen F. Austin @ Baylor 6:00

Idaho @ Texas A&M 6:00

Oklahoma State @ Tulsa 9:00

National Games Of Interest

#18 West Virginia @ Maryland 11:00 

Washington @ #11 Nebraska 2:30

Tennessee @ #16 Florida 2:30

#15 Michigan State @ Notre Dame 2:30

#17 Ohio State @ Miami 6:30 

OU/FSU game thread will be up around 5:30 tonight. Until then, this is your place to talk all things college football.