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OU vs. FSU - Injury Update

Just wanted to get a quick post up since there has been some conflicting reports on the availability of OU's starting right tackle Daryl Williams.  Coach Stoops spoke with the media after practice this evening and was quoted as saying that he "expects Williams to play."  Now clearly that doesn't guarantee anything, but for OU fans it has to be at least somewhat of a positive sign.  I we were going to see his backup, Lane Johnson, either way as the coaches typically rotate linemen in quite frequently.  However, this news is potentially very encouraging if for nothing else a depth standpoint.

Stoops was also confirmed that LB Travis Lewis has in fact been in full pads in practice this week.  He did say however that he has been limited and that he still does not expect Lewis to play Saturday.  

As for Florida State, obviously Tomahawk Nation is your #1 source for info on the Noles and they have been updating on a regular basis the status of several injuries they're dealing with at wide receiver and corner back.  Willie Haulstead is dealing with what appear to be some pretty serious concussion issues and has yet to practice this week.  They would not better than I, but at this point it seems unlikely that he'll be available Saturday night.  Also at wide out, Bert Reed has been dealing with an ankle issue and has been limited in practice.  He's expect to be available Saturday, but could be at less than 100%.  Also suffering from an ankle injury (just a sprain I believe) is CB Xavier Rhodes and was reportedly in a boot earlier in the week just for precautionary measures.  There is no reason to believe he won't be out there Saturday night, but it remains to be seen just how much if at all it hampers him in coverage.