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Which Sooner will pay tribute to Austin Box this week?

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We probably won't know anything for sure until sometime on Friday, unless a player gets a little Twitter happy, but I thought it would help pass the time if we took some guesses as to who might have the honor of #12 this week. I'm fairly certain most of our FSU visitors are at least vaguely familiar with what we're talking about, but on the chance they may not I'll briefly summarize the situation.

The Sooners are honoring their late teammate by choosing one player each week to wear his #12 in his honor. Tom Wort, a good friend of Austin's and his fellow MLB, had the honor in the opener against Tulsa (see attached picture). I know Mizzou did something similar a couple years back and there likely have been others, but it's something we at OU find to be incredibly cool for the team/players to do and a special tribute to their fallen teammate. It's never been officially stated, at least not that I've seen, but it's believed that it's just something the defense is going to take part in (somebody please correct me if you seen otherwise).

So initially many of us expected hoped that Travis Lewis would make an early return from injury and be that guy. Sadly, it does not appear as if that is going to happen. Though there were reports yesterday that he was in full pads at practice. Still, if you're planning on seeing #28 out there Saturday night you're likely going to be disappointed. So plan accordingly.

Which leaves us still searching for who will get the honor of #12? It's obviously a huge game, so does that play into the decision of who is chosen? Will they go with a senior like Frank Alexander? Another linebacker like Corey Nelson? The Hammer? Jefferson? There are clearly options and I think given the magnitude of this game, many of us are eagerly anticipating the announcement. Until then, feel free to use the comments here to speculate and of course vote in the poll. If you think it's "other", let us know who you think it might be in the comments.