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OU releases depth chart for Florida State

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If you expected anything of significance, you'll be disappointed.  Things appear pretty much as they should be on both offense and defense, but just for fun we'll give you a quick rundown.

  • Starting five up front is same as the Tulsa game (from left to right): Stephenson, Ikard, Habern, Evans, Williams.  As they've done in the past and against Tulsa, expect plenty of the usual suspects to rotate in.  Lane Johnson, Stephen Good, possibly Adam Shead and Tyrus Thompson.
  • James Hanna at TE1, Austin Haywood -or- Trent Ratterree follow.
  • WRs are Broyles (backed up by Jaz Reynolds), Stills (backed up by Miller), Franks (backed up by Jackson).
  • RB - Clay and Whaley listed as co-starters, with Finch as the backup
  • Hammer and Alexander starting at DE, Walker and McFarland at DT.  I suppose some might be surprised that Stacy McGee (suspended for Tulsa) isn't in there as a starter, but he's sure to see plenty of time Saturday.
  • LB - Nelson, Wort, and Jefferson.  No Travis Lewis, but then why would they ruin the surprise of him suiting up on Tuesday!
  • No changes to the secondary either, which obviously means Javon Harris is still the starter along with Colvin and Fleming/Hurst at corner.