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OU releases depth chart for Florida State

If you expected anything of significance, you'll be disappointed.  Things appear pretty much as they should be on both offense and defense, but just for fun we'll give you a quick rundown.

  • Starting five up front is same as the Tulsa game (from left to right): Stephenson, Ikard, Habern, Evans, Williams.  As they've done in the past and against Tulsa, expect plenty of the usual suspects to rotate in.  Lane Johnson, Stephen Good, possibly Adam Shead and Tyrus Thompson.
  • James Hanna at TE1, Austin Haywood -or- Trent Ratterree follow.
  • WRs are Broyles (backed up by Jaz Reynolds), Stills (backed up by Miller), Franks (backed up by Jackson).
  • RB - Clay and Whaley listed as co-starters, with Finch as the backup
  • Hammer and Alexander starting at DE, Walker and McFarland at DT.  I suppose some might be surprised that Stacy McGee (suspended for Tulsa) isn't in there as a starter, but he's sure to see plenty of time Saturday.
  • LB - Nelson, Wort, and Jefferson.  No Travis Lewis, but then why would they ruin the surprise of him suiting up on Tuesday!
  • No changes to the secondary either, which obviously means Javon Harris is still the starter along with Colvin and Fleming/Hurst at corner.