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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Florida State

A much anticipated meeting this week with the big time matchup against FSU looming this Saturday.  Now don't confuse that with the possibility that we'll get anything of substance from Coach today, but regardless, we're here to give you any and all the details that come out this afternoon. 

As always you can watch Bob's weekly presser here.

* Bob opens by saying they took advantage of the off week in their prep for FSU.  Players are very excited to be back and looking forward to the challenge of playing the Noles. 

* Very complimentary of both E.J. Manuel and the FSU defense.

* Expects them to be a lot more aggressive on defense just for being more experienced in their schemes.

* First question - How is their talent now compared to when you played them last year?"  His answer - Hard to say.  He sees a lot of fast, talented guys.  No reason to believe they won't be much better than what they showed last year.

* Said Maneul presents a significant threat both running and throwing.

* Said he expects the crowd to be riled up, but it's like that everywhere they go.

* He feels confident that if they try to double Broyles they have other guys to step up and make plays.  Specifically mentioned Stills and Franks.

* Said the FSU pass rush is something they are very aware of and presents a great challenge for the OU offensive line.

* The media guys cannot let the brother vs. brother thing go.  They've asked him about it like five or six times within the first ten minutes.  Is this really that interesting of a topic?  Bob restated is VERY well known position that he's not a fan of playing his brothers' teams.  Can me move on now fellas?

* Bob finds is funny that his "Big Game Bob" moniker seems to come and go when it comes to who and when people choose to use it.  Makes a crack about after winning seven Big XII championships, they become not such big games after you win so many of them.

* Asked about the recent transfers and said it's unfortunate, but he can certainly understand it for a kid who wants to play more and might not get that chance at OU.

* Asked if Brandon Williams will play Saturday night.  "We are giving him opportunities in practice.  We are preparing him to play.  We always have been."  Listening, I don't think he was talking specifically about Saturday night.  Just more in general terms.

* Says they're fine at RB with the five guys they have, included Trey Millard in that five.

* Says special teams will likely play a big role in the game Saturday night.  For both teams.  Not surprisingly, didn't say anything specific about trying to kick away from Reid or the other FSU return guys.

* Said that Jimmy Stevens is still the guy on the shorter kicks, Hunnicutt and O'Hara on the longer ones.  So sounds like we can still expect to see Stevens out there Saturday night.  Not feeling great about that right now.

* Says he feels fine about Javon Harris.  Said he'll make the improvements he needs to coverage.  Talked about all the other plays he made that game and that they (they media) shouldn't just focus on the bad ones.

* Reiterated his stance on Travis Lewis not playing.  No matter how many different ways the guys ask.  Jarvis Jones could start practicing as early as next week.

* Says OU will continue to schedule these kind of games because the fans love it.  This is what they've always done with their schedule and he sees no reason to change what they're doing.

* Says he has a ton of respect for FSU head man Jimbo Fisher and how great a job he's done in such a short time. 

* Dean Blevins with his customary stupid question of the day.  Asks Stoops if he has any thoughts on their road record and some of the struggles they've had in the past.  I'm sure you can guess Bob's response.  Though he did tell him to go look up some other teams' road record and compare it to OU and said he thinks he'll fair just fine.

* Asked about the realignment issue, won't address it.  Says he'll leave it up to Boren and Joe C.  Again media guys, why do you think anything has changed here?

* Things get WAY off topic as they start to talk about Jason White, old bowl games, and some of the things at lead Stoops to OU.  Totally random.

And that's about it.  Very, very weak performance from the media in attendance IMO.  Granted Bob's not exactly an open book when it comes to these things, but it was barely over a half hour and as you can see above very little if any substance about OU's prep for the game or really anything on FSU.  My apologies if you made it this far, because that was a big let down considering all the hype surrounding this game.