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OU announces second running back transfer in as many weeks

OU and Coach Stoops announced after practice Monday night that one time five star RB recruit Jermie Calhoun has decided to transfer at the end of the semester.  It's the second such announcement in as many weeks after Jonathan Miller announced his intention to do the same recently.  

It's unfortunate that things have not worked out for Calhoun at OU.  He was fighting his way back from a very serious knee injury and by all accounts had a great summer during preseason practices.  However, the depth chart was a formidable obstacle and is apparently one he has chosen to move on from.  I'll never question a kid's decision to transfer if they're primary motivator is playing time as it appears is the case here.  

We would have loved you to stick around and battle it out, but we wish you nothing but the best Jermie.  Sooner Nation will be cheering you on wherever you may wind up.  Best of luck to you!