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Week Two Pick'em Contest Top Ten


The 2011 Crimson And Cream Machine Pick'em Contest is sponsored by Sooners Legends Inn And Suites, home of some of the best BBQ...ever!


CCM Pick'em Contest Standings

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 soonercrze 25 25-14
2 Chaos N Suh 25 25-14
3 The Broylers 24 24-15
4 isaidso 23 23-16
5 HeathC 23 23-16
6 jtesooner 23 23-16
7 soonermagic/pitbull17 23 23-16
8 joned555 21 21-18
9 Sooner Ron 21 21-18
10 OK-SPIRO-BOOMER 21 21-18


Soonercrze used a strong performance in week two (14 points) to take over the top spot in the standings. Our man JTE remains in the Top 10 and look out...I've moved all the way up to 35th place. 

Note: We have to have a way to contact you for the monthly prizes. Please display your email address in your Yahoo profile if your contest name isn't the same as your screen name here at CCM.