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OU to apply for Pac 12 membership by end of month


Time to make Bevo beg.  Hopefully this is an indication that OU will do whatever it feels is best for OU, which for the record I firmly believe is the way it's been this whole time, and not just simply follow Texas' lead.  Whether that's with or without Texas, that's a decision for them to make.  I am 100% confident they will not pull an A&M and make a decision based on spite/insecurity or at their own detriment, but I'm also much more confident (assuming this is accurate ) that we might finally tell these chumps how it's gonna be rather than vice versa for once.

Or so says Chip Brown.  According to the report, Oklahoma will apply for membership to the Pac 12 by the end of the month and reportedly Oklahoma State will do the same shortly after.  He also states that the OU Board of Regents will meet within two weeks to formalize plans for said application.

Personally, I struggled even really acknowledging this report due to my own personal feelings regarding Brown and his "sources."  In the span of less than 24 hours this weekend, he completely contradicted himself with "breaking news" stories on Pac 12 expansion and OU.  However after doing some looking around on OU sites that I trust, there appears to be at least some validity to this for the moment.  Obviously until Boren, Castiglione, or the university comes out and addresses the topic specifically (highly doubtful) we won't know for sure.  That said, when Boren spoke out over a week ago, this route seemed pretty much inevitable. 

I'd strongly encourgage you to take this report with a considerable amount of caution, both with respect to the proposed timeline and the destination in general.  It may happen and it might go down exactly like he's reporting, but the guy doesn't exactly have a sterling track record with predicting this stuff so just keep that in mind.

Paging Mr. Redhawk!  Mr. Redhawk your services are now needed!