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Oklahoma opens as a three point favorite over FSU

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Normally, a three point spread against two highly ranked teams means that Vegas considers them pretty even. However, the home team is typically that favorite which is clearly not the case here as OU will be traveling down to Tallahassee later this week.  So does that mean that Vegas is giving OU a significant advantage?  I don't really think so. Three points is still pretty fair, even with the Sooners being the visiting team, especially when you consider the line originally opened this summer at 3.5.  

So little has changed in the minds of the experts and unless some serious money comes in on one side this week it probably won't.  Though if I'm honest, I am a little surprised it's not a slightly lower given the struggles OU has had in road games.  So i won't be shocked if it actually comes down a little bit in favor of FSU as the week goes on.  All in all though, a very fair number.  I'm sure Vegas will be just thrilled to read of my approval.