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Texas Longhorns: National Title Or One Point Victory?

Here is a quick video that was posted to youtube showing the Texas Longhorns celebrating their win over the BYU Cougars on Saturday night. However, the thing that is a little odd to me is the fact that they are acting like they just brought the crystal ball home or actually faced and defeated a highly ranked opponent (or a ranked opponent period for that matter). Texas has long been at the pinnacle of football but has slipped leading to marginal victories while resorting to trick plays. That's right...they're Texas and they are still searching for an identity. Garrett Gilbert is still the turnover machine opposing offenses have come to love and David Ash is the designed run QB while Case McCoy is the passer. Celebrate every one point victory this year because you are one step further away from last year but fact remains that UT has shown their entire hand and started pulling from the deck while Oklahoma has yet to show a single card.