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College Football Saturday Open

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No Sooner football today but that doesn't necessarily mean that its going to be a bad college football Saturday. We get to watch the games with no anticipation of our kickoff later on or fear that Oklahoma might walk off the field with a notch in the L column. The Big 12 is already 1-1 in week two action so back-to-back perfect weekends for the conference isn't going to happen. That's alright though because I really didn't want a perfect weekend anyway. Why? Because when 6:00 rolls around I'm a Cougar fan. 

Big 12 Schedule 
Arizona 14/Oklahoma State 37 (Thurs)
Missouri 30/Arizona State 37 (Fri)
11:00 Iowa @ Iowa State 
6:00 N Illinois @ Kansas 
6:00 BYU @ Texas 

Looking outside of the conference there's still plenty of action to be found. I'm all for Mississippi State pounding Auburn and Michigan dropping Notre Dame to 0-2. 

National Games Of Interest
11:20 am Mississippi St @ Auburn 
2:30 Alabama @ Penn State 
3:30 South Carolina @ Georgia 
7:00 Notre Dame @ Michigan