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OU Football - 2011 local media day recap

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First, here is Stoops' full presser from yesterday's meeting with the media.

Here is some audio from Coach HeupelCoach Venables, and Travis Lewis.

Did one piece of the RB puzzle just fall into place?  Apparently RB Roy Finch spoke to the media about how he expects to play a lot of slot WR this year.  Obviously were that to happen, it would open up some carries for one of the other guys but I'd be surprised if he statement of "a lot" really turns into all that many snaps.  He'll be used there to be sure, but in my opinion he's a RB that can play WR not a WR trying to play RB (think D.J. Monroe of Texas).

Just some general links to OU talk around the Interwebs to help you get through another Sunday with no football.

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