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Longhorns Lose Even More Depth At Receiver!

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The Texas Longhorns failed to reach six wins last season but apparently were impressive enough to make their way into the inaugural coaches poll at #24. Before the throngs of burnt orange clad fanatics could finish their we're number #24 celebration dances came the news that getting their passing game back to par just became even more difficult. As if Malcolm Brown needed anymore pressure on his shoulders. 

James Kirkendoll was the team's leading receiver last season with 52 receptions for 707 yards and two touchdowns. He's off trying to get his NFL career started leaving Mike Davis as the leading receiver for the Longhorns. Davis is more than capable of being one of the top receivers in the Big 12 but its his supporting cast that has fallen apart.

He was supposed to be joined on the field by Marquise Goodwin and Malcolm Williams who would help spread the field and take some of the defensive pressure off. Goodwin is off chasing Olympic dreams and now comes the news that Williams has left the team to resolve some personal family issues.

So where does all this leave Texas? It leaves them with an unproven offensive line, a receiver with super star potential, a quarterback who throws more interceptions than touchdowns and...well that's pretty much it. Williams averaged 13.9 yards per reception last year while hauling in 24 passes for 334 yards and two touchdowns. Among the receiving corps he was the team's second leading returning receiver and Goodwin was third.

Now DeSean Hales takes over as the second leading receiver with 10 receptions for 75 yards.