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Oklahoma Sooners debut at #1 in the initial Coaches Poll

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The first edition of the USA Today Coaches Poll was released today and as expected, the Oklahoma Sooners have claimed the #1 spot.  The Sooners collected 42 of a possible 59 first place votes.  OU was followed by Alabama at #2 (13 1st place votes), Oregon at #3 (2 1st place votes), LSU at #4 (2 1st place votes), and Florida State at #5.

The top ten was rounded out in the following order; Stanford, Boise State, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Wisconsin.  Missouri checks in at #21 which is surprisingly low in my opinion.  Then, a little lower down in the poll, much to my nonsurprise wouldn't you know who found a way to backdoor their way into a thoroughly undeserving #24 ranking.  Your 5-7 Texas Longhorns naturally, who may have just earned the most undeserved preseason ranking (in a arguably meaningless, but still actually kind of matters just ask Boise State or TCU) in a poll ever.

Check out the full Coaches Poll here.