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Oklahoma State Breaks Own Season Ticket Sale Record

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It is currently the opening week of College Football and many fans have already purchased tickets to their respective teams. Many stadiums are going to sell out while others already have (which includes Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK). However, I found this as interesting news and something a bit funny as Oklahoma State is boasting about their new record in season ticket sales.  Let's analyze the facts right quick.

Oklahoma State's Boone Pickens Stadium currently seats 60,218 at capacity. The average attendance over the past 5 years sits at 46,752. On Monday, the university released a statement saying

it had set a record for football season ticket sales by selling 45,695 (one more than the mark set in 2009)

If I am doing my math correctly, that is nearly 15,000 seats that have yet to be sold. Granted, Oklahoma has roughly 71,000 season ticket holders with a capacity of 82,112 but there are 10,000+ people on the waiting list to purchase season tickets, so you can count those as already being sold. Not to mention that the average attendance over the past 5 years at Memorial Stadium sits at 84,802.

The "Premiere Game" setup that OSU uses may need to be re-evaluated as 2011 is their year (much like last year) and they are going to win a Big XII Championship out right.