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Five star WR recruit Trey Metoyer ineligible

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SoonerScoop comes through once again ($) by confirming with Metoyer himself that he is in fact ineligible and will unfortunately not be enrolling at OU this fall.  According to their interview with the incredibly talented wide receiver, the issue stemmed from this high school, Whitehouse, not signing off on at least one of the JUCO classes he took this summer in replace of the classes/grades he took at Whitehouse. 

Metoyer did confirm to SoonerScoop that the rumors of him enrolling at Hargrave Military Academy were true.  He is expected to arrive in Virginia (where Hargrave is located) tomorrow and will enroll for the fall semester, where he will hopefully do everything he needs to do and then enroll at OU this January for the 2012 spring semester.  Which would essentially make him an early enrollee for the 2012 class, though his scholarship would still count towards the 2011 class (confusing I know).  By attending Hargrave, Metoyer will not lose any eligibility so assuming he can get into OU in the spring he will still have all four years left to play.

Metoyer told SoonerScoop, emphatically, that "He'll be in Oklahoma in January."  So as it stands today, it sounds like he was every intention of keeping his commitment to OU which is definitely expected, but none the less good news.  OU stood by him though all of this, so I'd be very surprised if something changes between now and then and he isn't in Norman this January. 

Keep your head in those books Trey, Sooner Nation is still behind you! 

(Ed. note - Same warning as before is in place.  Come here to rip on a kid with a learning disability who worked his you know what off to qualify and came up just a bit short and the ban hammer comes out in full force.  Save the I told you so for your FanPost on BON, that won't fly here.)