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OU's Kenny Stills to be suspended for opener against Tulsa

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UPDATE:  Stoops refused to confirm the suspension when the met with the media after practice last night simply saying "I don't announce suspensions."  I suspect he'll be asked about it today in his presser and that may or may not change.  That said, I still expect Stills to miss the game even if Bob makes us wait until Saturday for the actual confirmation. 

Carey Murdock and have confirmed through multiple sources ($) that Sooners wideout, Kenny Stills, will be suspended for the opener against Tulsa after his DUI arrest earlier this year.  It had long been speculated that Stills might be subject to some type of suspension and it would appear that is the case with this news.  Now it has yet to be confirmed by Stoops or OU, but he is expected to do so tomorrow afternoon when he meets with the media for his normal weekly press conference.  If there are any other suspensions and he feels like sharing them with us rather than making us wait until Saturday (much more likely), Stoops will likely share those tomorrow as well (possible candidates would be Tony Jefferson and Stacy McGee)

It's unfortunate that OU will be without Stills and that this could have easily been avoided, but a message needed to be sent and taking away playing time is about as strong of one as you can send.  I'm sure Stills is disappointed, but understanding of the decision that had to be made.  I'd expect him to be extra ready for the FSU game now having to wait three weeks before getting a live snap, so pull on those big boy pants G5 cuz you're gonna need em ;)