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Texas Longhorns Name Starting QB: Garrett Gilbert

And Sooner Nation just let out a roaring cheer! This could possibly be the best news I have heard all week and could pay dividends when it comes to the season. Anyone want to take the over on INT's alone?

With the College Football Season just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before the starter was named. The 2011 season will mark the beginning (or dieing) of a new offense. While I am sure many Longhorn fans were hoping it would be Case McCoy (who threw all of one pass last season in route to a 5-7 bowl-less season), they were suddenly surprised to find out that Garrett Gilbert had been given the starting nod (even though rumors swirled that Mack Brown told Gilbert he would be the starter in the spring). Gilbert, the incumbent, will be given another shot in a new offense in hopes that he can resurrect the Longhorns through leadership after a "fluke" year.

Don't hold your breathe though. Most of us would agree that if UT has a repeat performance of last year they will most likely sever ties with Mack Brown. As it currently stands, McCoy has been listed in the two-deep and if Gilbert continues to be the turnover machine that the nation has come to love you can bet he gets pulled and McCoy will be inserted under center. The choice is yours Mack Brown...take your chance on unproven talent or play a kid who will be the opposing teams biggest asset and your current choice is the latter of the two.

I sure hope that the Longhorn defense has been well conditioned because there is another long year in store for them.

On a side note: it is also looking like Connor Wood will be transferring. To where? No idea but it would make sense seeing that he is a red-shirt freshman that has been passed up by McCoy and David Ash. This pushes him to four deep with slim chances of seeing the field.