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OU Recruit Round Up - DGB makes his presence known

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Hillcrest (MO) & WR Dorial Green-Beckham opened their season with a dominating performance.
Hillcrest (MO) & WR Dorial Green-Beckham opened their season with a dominating performance.

If you hadn't already had a chance to see OU's #1 2012 recruiting target WR Dorial Green-Beckham in action, Saturday night's game on ESPiNU against in-state Seneca was required viewing.  DGB, as he's more commonly known, was given a national stage and did not disappoint.  The word 'sick' doesn't even begin to describe this kid's abilities on the field and knowing what kind of person he is off it, DGB is the definition of an uber-recruit.  As for the game itself, despite constant double, and sometimes triple, coverage DGB was targeted 28 times and finished up with the following laughable stat line - 18 receptions, 284 yards, and 3 TDs.  Not too shabby, huh?  Hillcrest won the game going away, 48-26.

The immediate take away from just a very short time watching DGB last night, stating he's a "man amongst boys" doesn't even come close to doing it justice.  At 6'6" 220 with his speed and athleticism, he'd be a match-up nightmare today at the D-1 level.  So the chances of him facing anyone at this level who can stop, or even slow him down are not good and that is what was on display Saturday night.  The Seneca defensive backs were routinely in position to make a play on DGB, but many times his size and after the catch moves were simply too much to overcome.  For instance, as you can see below the Seneca defenders appear to have DGB out manned and pinned against the sideline.


Only two defenders with the sideline acting as a third?  Pfffft, no problem.  DGB simply turns on the jets to render the trailing defender irrelevant.  Plants his foot in the ground and cuts hard back to the inside.


And leaves the DB grasping for air. 


And just like that, DGB has his first of three TDs on the night.

As you would expect, DGB is an overwhelming majority of the Hillcrest offense but that doesn't mean he's above drawing attention to himself for the benefit of his teammates.  When a player demands this much attention, it's easy at this level to take plays off when you know the ball isn't coming your way.  There was none of that from DGB against Seneca Saturday night.  He routinely went hard, drawing multiple defenders deep down the field, opening up the underneath routes for his teammates and gaining chunks of yards for the Hillcrest offense. 

If their is a flaw in DGB's game, and believe me this is nitpicking, it's that because of his immense physical gifts he can often get away with simply 'out-athleting' opposing defenders.  Many of his routes Saturday night were of the post-up or jump ball variety, which will surely work at times at the D-1 level but not with the extreme regularity that it does at the MO h.s. level.  He'll have some work to do once he arrives on a college campus (Norman, please!) to perfect his route running, but that goes for just about every h.s. receiver and few if any of them are working with the gifts that DGB has at his disposal.  So there is little doubt it's something that will prevent him from becoming the dominant player so many expect he will become.

As a minor aside, pay little attention to all the UT fans claiming how great their chances are to land the physical specimen.  To be clear, I'm definitely not saying they have no chance.  Far from it.  To blindly eliminate them from a recruiting battle given all their inherent advantages, would be quite foolish.  However their beyond annoyingly repeated "in" as they constantly claim is a friendship between Beckham's father/coach and their Coach Wyatt.  What they fail and/or refuse to disclose is the fact they they've overblown this "friendship" to near epic proportions.  Does one exist?  Sure, probably.  But is it anymore substantial than the one Jay Norvell has formed and cultivated with DGB and his parents?  Doubtful, especially considering OU was in on DGB well before Texas.  But when have they ever let little things like facts or reality get in their way?  Exactly.

Daniel Brooks, Port Lavaca, TX- While there continues to be some question as to just how firm his commitment to the Sooners really is, Brooks led his team to an opening 27-7 victory.  Brooks led the game with 131 rushing yards, on just nine carries, with his one TD coming on a 50-yard scamper.

Trevor Knight, San Antonio, TX- Knight put up a more than respectable 224 yards passing with 3 TDs as well as another 60 yards on the ground and a rushing TD.  However, his defense did him no favors in allowing 600+ yards to their opponent.  So the fact that Knight and his offensive teammates were able to keep it as close as 31-37 was a feat in and of itself.

Durron Neal, St. Louis, MO - A modest game by Neal's standards as he posted a mere 86 yards of offense (11 rushes for 23 yards and three catches for 63 yards), but he was able to find the end zone three times (two receiving, one rushing) in leading his team to a 28-0 victory.

Alex Ross, Jenks, OK- Ross' Jenks Trojans took part in a scrimmage against Santa Fe and unfortunately after an impressive big gainer on the opening play, Ross suffered an apparently ankle injury on the second play from scrimmage.  It's not believed to be serious, but certainly not the way the standout RB had hoped to start his (pre)season.