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Brennan Clay: To Switch Numbers

Update: While it was looking as though Clay decided on the number 25 he later started doubting his initial thought. The decision was made official via and the roster and Clay ultimately ended up switching to the #3. This breaks the trend OU currently had going with the back expected to play having the numbers 22, 23, and 26 and Clay will easily be recognized in the backfield. There were a few other number changes that can be seen on the roster as well.

Earlier Brennan Clay, who is currently listed as #21 on the roster, had decided he would let the fans choose his number by posting a FB status. The numbers he was giving people the choice to argue for were #3 and #25. The only arguement that I could think of for wearing the #3 it that it would represent the Cali Trio as the California players on Oklahoma's roster have proclaimed themselves. On the #25, Clay puts it into perspective for the rest of us with the fact that #25 is simply a RB number. Yet, it would appear that the #25 has won out (and not by a fan vote). However, I don't think it matters what number a player wears, they are going to look good raising that crystal ball regardless.