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Longhorn Network will not be allowed to air high school highlights in 2011

An NCAA spokesman said Monday after a summit meeting on youth sports coverage that "nothing has changed" regarding high school content on university- and conference-affiliated networks.

"Youth programming, which would include highlights, is not allowed," the NCAA’s Erik Christianson wrote in an email to the San Antonio Express-News.

They just keep trying and trying and trying.  I'll definitely give them that.  ESPiN and their UT propaganda machine were denied yet again in their never ending quest to feature exclusively Longhorn recruits high school athletes on their soon to launch (and still yet to be picked up by any major cable provider even in the state of TX) Longhorn Network. 

Despite the first believed disappointing announcement, the news was quickly met with unexpected glee in Austin as this now means yet another replay of the 2005 championship game (Seriously, for your own sake, move on.  It's been six years.  Even you guys aren't this pathetic.) can now run in the place of any high school highlights. 

Oh and despite the news, Texas A&M still doesn't care and remains steadfast in its intention to join the SEC.  And before you ask, yes they're fine with only being relevant once every 7-8 years.  Why wouldn't they be?  They're Texas A&M.