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Jordan Phillips To Stay Committed To OU Regardless Of Academic Status Outcome

While much of the talk lately has centered around Trey Metoyer as well as Ronnell Lewis, there are a few other signees that have yet to step onto campus at Oklahoma. The list includes Jordan Phillips as well as Jordan Wade. Bob Stoops has been very adamant about the fact that when he knows something, he will say so but as of yet there is no news on any of the players. The only hope and fear is that this news will come very shortly as the semester has gotten underway and has the potential to bypass each of these kids before they know anything about the future of their football careers.

As we all know, the current defensive tackles have been saying that they are not the weak link but the stats from last season speak other wise. The run defense allowed 148.9 ypg on the ground...not exactly the numbers you want to have glaring over your shoulder. With two DT's signed and not able to step on campus, Oklahoma could be short at depth for the position. However, Phillips made the comment on Monday that he would know more about his academic status in the next couple of days. If this is the case he will know whether or not he can enroll before the cutoff. On the bright side of things, it would appear that Phillips is 100% set on coming to OU regardless of what happens. This means no transferring from one school into OU but rather that if the issue is not resolved in time for Phillips to play this fall he will enroll in the spring semester