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(Possible) Trey Metoyer Loss Could Set Up Top Receiving Corps For The Sooners In 2012

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Trey Metoyer has been written off by some people while others still hold on to high hopes. It has become a widely know fact that Metoyer is waiting on the Clearinghouse to clear his eligibility status so that he can enroll in fall classes. The deadline for enrollment is not taking any breaks to wait on Metoyer and there is no telling when Clearinghouse will make a decision on the matter. However, he is far behind in learning the offense and has missed all of the off-season as well as the preseason which would make it near impossible for him to see the field this season (assuming he is able to enroll at OU soon). This would not be the only hurdle he would need to clear as he would be competing against the likes of Ryan Broyles (an All-American), Kenny Stills (a Freshman All-American), and DeJuan Miller for playing time. Fact remains that Oklahoma has to work with the players currently enrolled and cannot hold out on a spot for a potential player. But without Metoyer, the Oklahoma Sooners still currently boast one of the top receiving corps in the nation and hopes to continue that trend under the direction of receivers coach Jay Norvell. If Metoyer is not ruled eligible, it could possibly set up the best recruiting class of WR's Stoops has seen in his time at the university. When you have names like Oklahoma has on the list of commits, it is hard not to jump them into the #1 spot as a group of WR recruits. Those thinking that they can stop the pass in the coming years, think again!

Let's take a look at the possible list of incoming freshman WR's for the 2012 season after the jump.

Oklahoma could get a handful of top 10 receivers of their respective classes in the 2012 class. Of course this depends on who you are asking because each site uses a different evaluation process and has a difference of opinion of what is tops in skill level from one person to the next. These are the recruits Oklahoma has its eyes on.

Trey Metoyer - There has been much anticipation and anxiety over this kid so no need for an introduction here. He comes in as the first 5-star WR recruit under Stoops and will hopefully not be the last. The Big XII is known for it's offenses and should be able to recruit kids who are able to go up and get the ball anytime anywhere. While Metoyer is as good as it gets in ball skills, he is also able to get out and block on run plays but the question becomes: will he be willing to? The one area he could improve his is speed to make him far more dangerous in open space. If he does not gain eligibility look for him to come in as a transfer holding all four years of eligibility when he arrives on campus.

Durron Neal - Came as a steal for the Sooners and is a 4-star recruit. Neal is a top receiver in the nation and split time at RB and WR last season at DeSmet rushing for over 1,000 yards with over 500 receiving yards to boot. This kid has speed (that others at the same level lack) and agility which will prove to be a huge asset not only to the receiving corps but could make waves in the return game with the departure of Broyles.

Sterling Shepard - Has the ability to catch everything thrown his way. Not sure that I would give him Broyles status as a human highlight reel but could have that same kind of potential. Shepard is good at catching the ball in traffic but not only is he able to make the catch, he has deceptive speed and is more than capable of gaining yardage after the catch has been made. However, Shepard is a smaller receiver and could always improve his route running.

Dorial Green-Beckham - Is the nation's top receiving recruit and you can bet that all schools have their eyes on him. He is most likely going to let the recruiting process play out before making a decision in the later stages. One thing is for sure though: it appears Oklahoma is in the running to land DGB. DGB is literally a head above the rest of his class and has lightning speed to ice the cake with. He is able to jump out of the gym while also maintaining soft hands and will be a Calvin Johnson caliber player. Assuming DGB commits to OU, he will be the second 5-star WR recruit during the Stoops era and to think that both would potentially be on the field at the same time.

Nothing has officially been set in stone as of this point and all of this is based on speculation and verbal commits that are subject to change. However, if this holds, not only would it continue to bring in top receivers but also top QB's and as we here at CCM know, OU has become a QB factory.