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Ronnell Lewis announcement much ado about nothing (for now)

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UPDATE #2:  I suppose we shouldn't be surprised given Stoops' history, but the big announcement came and went today and here we stand pretty much right back where we started.  Stoops stated that Lewis is dealing with "family issues" that he did practice today and that his future is still unclear at the moment.  So things may actually be a little cloudier now in fact as this neither addresses the fact that it's a possible academic issue or just a personal matter. Ugh, this is getting old.  Quick.

UPDATE:  Per Carey Murdock on the Sports Animal at about 3:51 pm, Ronnell Lewis has been confirmed to be back at practice today.  Not sure that is a definitive answer either way yet, but it's sure a heck of a lot better than him not being there.  More to come as it's available.

With classes starting today news on players and their eligibility status should be just a bit easier to access. Knowing this, Coach Stoops may be ready to go ahead and address the Ronnell Lewis situation after practice today. At least one media source is reporting that he is expected to address Lewis' status with the team.

As to exactly what Coach Stoops would say about The Hammer its still anyone's guess but The Tulsa World's Dave Sittler may have an idea.

Even though his response came via text, Stoops' concern about his banged-up defense was palpable. 
Not every Stoops text was filled with similar doom and gloom. He revealed in one message that the defense could soon get some much-needed good news. 

When asked what the odds were of defensive end Ronnell Lewis being declared eligible to play this season, Stoops wrote: "I think good." 

That is absolutely huge news for the Sooner Nation.

Stay tuned...