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Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

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The BlogPoll is back with the initial preseason poll set to be released on Monday. Not wanting it to get buried in the hustle of a work week that can quickly get away from you I pretty much had my preseason ballot already done. That doesn't mean its perfect though. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that its far from perfect. Thus, the reason I bring it to you. Give me some suggestions. Not promising that I'll take them but I'll at least listen. 


I pretty much went status quo with the top four. I am a homer but I have to say that I'm uncomfortable with the Sooners being #1 but I really can't make a case for anyone to jump them. Alabama may be the best candidate to surpass Oklahoma but until the quarterback situation is resolved and proven its not possible for me to put them in the top spot.

The other possibility to replace Oklahoma in the top spot is the winner of the Oregon/LSU game on September 3rd. Talk about a huge game to kick the season off! If one of these teams is able to produce an impressive win then I honestly wouldn't have a problem placing them atop my ballot after the first weekend.

However, on the other side of that, if its a sloppy game then the loser is going to drop like Texas A&M's popularity within the Big 12. After LSU at #4 its pretty much a crap shoot throughout the rest of the Top 10. There are a lot of good teams there with a lot of potential but still with a lot to prove. Check out my full ballot after the jump and let me know where you agree, disagree or think I'm completely crazy.