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It's official. The Sooners will open the season atop both major polls.

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With the release today of the first edition of this year's AP Poll, our Sooners will officially open the 2011 season atop both major polls.  It's somewhat of a surprise in that I'm sure several expected that after the injury to Travis Lewis AP voters might drop OU back a couple spots.  This may have been reflected in the smaller gap between first place votes, 42 to 13 in the coaches' poll release a couple weeks ago compared to 36 and 17 in the AP poll today.  

Once the ballots are released (likely tomorrow or Monday), I'll start back up our weekly analysis of which voters had who and where but for now here is a quick snapshot of what we learned today.  The top five in the following order (first place votes) were; Oklahoma (36), Alabama (17), Oregon (4), LSU (1), and Boise State (2).  It will be interesting to see who those two voters were that had Boise #1.  The rest of the top ten, in order, were Florida State, Stanford, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska.

The only other Big XII-2 team not already mentioned was Missouri at #21, which I still think is too low.  And in what is sure to be headline news on the Longhorn Network, assuming first of course it ever gets picked up by a major cable provider (yet to happen fyi, even in the state of TX), the mighty Longhorns have claimed the top spot in the "others receiving votes" category!  Baby steps fellas, it's all about baby steps.