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Breaking It Down: Predicting The Big 12

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Its official! We're picking the Sooners to repeat as Big 12 champs! (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Its official! We're picking the Sooners to repeat as Big 12 champs! (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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With everyone and their dog coming out with a preseason version of how they think the Big 12 will shake down it only makes sense that we do the same. So we collectively put the brain trust here at Crimson And Cream Machine together and came up with our own predictions. From that we were able to come up with the following consensus poll. 

            Crimson And Cream Machine Preseason Poll 

1. Oklahoma 

2. Oklahoma State 

3. Texas A&M 

4. Missouri 

5. Texas 

6. Baylor 

7. Texas Tech 

8. Kansas State 

9. Iowa State 

10. Kansas 

                                                                     How we voted

CC Machine OnlyOneOU       JTE Jubanator14 Jon Woods
A&M Missouri OSU Missouri Texas
Missouri OSU Missouri A&M Missouri
Texas Baylor Texas Texas A&M
Texas Tech Texas KSU Baylor Baylor
Baylor  KSU Baylor Texas Tech Texas Tech
Iowa State Texas Tech Texas Tech KSU KSU
KSU Kansas Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State
Kansas Iowa State Kansas Kansas Kansas


It probably isn't a surprise to anyone that a bunch of guys who run an Oklahoma Sooners fansite unanimously picked the Sooners to win the Big 12. Especially when you consider how loaded Oklahoma is going into the season. Taking the media poll into consideration it really isn't that much of a homer pick for us.

I was surprised that we couldn't find consensus on any other team. Obviously we're not all drinking the Texas A&M Kood Aid. The highest any of us had them picked to finish is second and the lowest was fifth. We were still a bit higher on OSU where three of us picked them to finish second and the lowest vote was for fourth place. We don't necessarily agree on their exact placement but we do all agree that Missouri is the best team left from the old north division. The Tigers place as high as third and as low as fourth. 

Texas comes in with one number three ranking among our crew. The Longhorns were voted as low as sixth while averaging out at number five.