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OU's freshman class assigned their jersey numbers

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#23 Brandon Williams is one of several true freshman looking to make an impact for the Sooners in 2011
#23 Brandon Williams is one of several true freshman looking to make an impact for the Sooners in 2011

I'm not entirely sure why I should care about this, but for some reason around this time of year I'm always eagerly anticipating this info coming out.  After all aside from the name on the back of their jersey, a player's number is the easiest identifier for us fans.  So allow me to geek out for a minute, and allow you all to update your homemade programs (don't lie, I know you have one), and run down the list for ya.

The early enrollees which aren't really new and you may already be familiar with, but just for a refresher:

#11 - QB Kendal Thompson

#23 - RB Brandon Williams

#77 - DT Marquise Anderson

The rest of the freshman class after the jump.

#11 - DB Bennett Okotcha- May not see much time in 2011, but the coaches will have to prep him well just in case the Sooners lose Hurst after this season and with Fleming's graduation.

#13 - LB Londell Taylor - This is the kid who played minor league baseball for a couple years.

#17 - WR Trey Metoyer- All indications are that Metoyer will be on campus in a couple weeks.  Remains to be seen if that will force a redshirt for him in 2011 though.

#18 - WR Kameel Jackson- Shifty WR from Sam Houston H.S. in Arlington, TX.

#20 - LB Frank Shannon - Freshman from Skyline H.S. in Dallas, TX

#37 - WR Danzel Williams- Was promised a shot at RB, but listed as a WR.

#40 - LB P.L. Lindley - Freshman from Stony Point H.S. in Round Rock, TX.

#44 - DE Nathan Hughes- Call it a hunch, but I think this kid is playing in 2011.  He's a perfect fit for a 50-front DE.

#70 - OL Dylan Dismuke - Local product from Duncan, OK.

#72 - OL Derek Farniok - Mountain of a man (6'9" 320 lbs) from South Dakota.

#80 - DT Jordan Phillips- Incredible athlete who may need a year to acclimate to football at this level, but his talent may prevent the coaches from keeping him off the field.  Especially at a position where they could use the help.

#84 - TE Nila Kasitati- OU's signing day steal.  He's listed as a TE, but his future is along the o-line.  Expect a redshirt year to bulk up and (hopefully) a potential NFL caliber left tackle.

#87 - TE Max Stevenson- Reports from summer 7-on-7's were that Stevenson was dominant.  Hard to see him getting any snaps in 2011 with so many guys above him on the depth chart though.

#95 - DT Jordan Wade- Hold off on this one for now.  As it stands today, there are some pretty serious doubts about him qualifying academically in time to enroll for the fall.  Apparently it centers entirely around an exam the state of TX requires you to pass before you technically graduate high school and Wade has either yet to do so or yet to receive his score.