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OU's Ronnell Lewis not currently with the football team

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Heard this today and then confirmed it courtesy of our friend Jake Trotter.  Now constantly having to look over my shoulder for some member of Sooner Nation who is surely very angry with me for the last two updates I've provided.  First Metoyer and now this. 

Stoops met with the media today after practice and stated that Ronnell is not currently practicing with the team for 'personal' reasons and he (Lewis) has their full support.  Sooooo, that was pretty vague.  There wasn't much follow up with respect to additional questions as if you've ever seen a Stoops presser, you know when he's done speaking on a subject.

So here we sit Sooner fans, let's summarize things as they stand today.  Travis Lewis' broken toe.  The Hammer's status in doubt.   Conflicting reports on Trey Metoyer's eligibility.  DTs Jordan Wade and Jordan Phillips still both not cleared.  I'm not sure how much worse things can get, at least from an eligibility/availability perspective.  I suppose the only thing even remotely resembling a positive in all of this is that aside from Travis Lewis, it's unlikely that the other guys were going to be significant contributors this year.  However, if a team is going to win a national championship, as is clearly our goal this year, depth is almost always test at some point.  OU seems to be fine at WR even without Metoyer, though it would be pretty nice to have the option, but DT is an area where they could definitely use Phillips and Wade. 

Much like with Metoyer, the frustrating part in this news today is that there really isn't anything definitive.  Stoops did expand on his comment, so we don't know if and/or when Ronnell will be back.  I suppose all we can do at this point is expect the worst and hope for the best.