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2011 OU WR recruit Trey Metoyer update

Will Sooner fans get to see stud WR Trey Metoyer in the crimson and cream?
Will Sooner fans get to see stud WR Trey Metoyer in the crimson and cream?

UPDATE:  Naturally, almost as soon as I post this there is a new development.  According to Carey Murdock at SoonerScoop ($), he received a text message from Trey Metoyer stating that "he (Metoyer) has taken care of his grades and is now just waiting on the clearinghouse."  Now this could just be "spin" I suppose, but maybe, just maybe things aren't quite as bad as reported below.  Which if true just means we're pretty much right back where we started and I just lost 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back.  Super! 

Updates on the talented young WR from Whitehouse, TX have been in high demand ever since news broke of his summer spent taking a couple JUCO classes in order to become academically eligible at OU.  Now, finally, we have some kind of news on the situation and regrettably I have to inform you Sooner fans, it does not sound good. ETFinalScore (which I'm told is associated with the Tyler Morning Telegraph newspaper) has posted a story with quotes from several people, including Metoyer's father, close to Trey's situation and things do not sound very promising.

According to their sources, Metoyer only passed nine of his twelve JUCO credit hours this summer.  So let's analyze that for a quick second.  For those following the situation, you might be asking yourself "12 hours?"  For those not already familiar with the story, it was first reported that Metoyer was taking two classes this summer and simply need an A in one and a B in another to become eligible.  So if this story today is accurate, that is the first red flag that we clearly did not know the whole story.  12 credit hours in one summer is no small feat and clearly shows that there was even more work to be done than originally thought to get Metoyer academically eligible.  

Much more after the jump.

Again, according to the story Metoyer's father reached out to school officials at Whitehouse for help with his son's dilemma.

David Metoyer, Trey’s father, sought help from Whitehouse school officials. Richard Peacock, the assistant superintendent at Whitehouse ISD, confirmed that the meeting took place Tuesday at the father’s request.

"… I don’t know it for a fact, but I would assume if he didn’t qualify for TJC he wouldn’t qualify for (NCAA Division I)," Peacock told the Tyler Paper, adding that "to my understanding" the Metoyers have not received an official ruling from the NCAA Clearinghouse, which still leaves his future at OU in question.

"Trey is a graduate of Whitehouse High School. He met all the state and local requirements for graduation," Peacock said. "His transcript is sealed … what happens from that point on is out of our hands. We have nothing to do with making him eligible or making him ineligible, or a qualifier or a non-qualifier for TJC or a Division I."


The obvious disturbing take away from that quote is Metoyer not being qualified to enroll at Tyler Junior College. This being the case, like the man says, it's very difficult to see how he could enroll at OU.  In addition, his father's next quote is perhaps the most ominous.

David Metoyer told the Tyler Paper, "We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do right now." Pressed further on the matter, the father said, "I am not going to discuss anything else about Trey."

The only, albeit very small, glimmer of hope I can see as an uneducated (no pun intended) observer is the distinction made a little later in the article.  Due to the fact that Metoyer was actually enrolled in 12 credit hours, and not the six that was originally reported, he was therefore considered a full time student TJC which is why having passed only three of his four classes deems him ineligible for TJC.  However, that shouldn't automatically dismiss his chances at becoming eligible for OU.  What also somewhat adds to the confusion is that shortly after this story was posted by ETFinalScore, they tweeted the following:

Just to reiterate one more time, Trey Metoyer's future at OU is still not decided.  Still waiting on NCAA Clearinghouse ruling.

So, If somehow, the passing grades he did get were enough to get his GPA just high enough for the NCAA Clearinghouse, then his ineligibility at TJC would be completely irrelevant.  Now admittedly, I'm reaching for any straw I can grasp but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that he could still make it to Norman.  Someone who knows much more about this could come on here and call me a complete idiot for even speculating and they may be 100% correct.  I'm not gonna lie, it does not look good.  But given the lack of anything resembling tangible knowledge on how the NCAA Clearinghouse actually works, it's not quite that time to cue up the fat lady.  She may be warming up in the bullpen, the skipper may be on that top step, but into he comes out with the hook the eternal optimist in my can still hope.

At this point, it's obviously impossible to predict how this thing plays out.  Hypothetically if he doesn't make it in, the thought appears to be that he would enroll at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia for a year, try and get his GPA and/or test scores up, and according to the story this would not cost him a year of eligibility (not sure how this works). 

TJC head football coach Danny Palmer thinks Metoyer will go to Hargrave Military Academy, unless a better option becomes available.  "I’ve heard that’s what Oklahoma wants him to do."

It's always incredibly difficult to predict if a team can hold on to a kid who does not qualify and has to go a JUCO (or JUCO type) route.  Metoyer seemed to have a very good relationship with WR coach Jay Norvell and by all accounts the Sooners seem to be doing everything they can for him.  So one would think that loyalty holds over next year and he can re-sign with OU as a 2012 recruit.  Missouri fans just went through something similar with the highly touted Sheldon Richardson, so there is definitely a track record of players going JUCO and sticking with the teams they originally committed to.

So there it is Sooner fans.  I know you wanted news, but I also know you didn't want it to be this.  I can assure you, I'm just as, if not more so, disappointed to be finding this out.  Metoyer was easily one of my favorite 2011 recruits and the idea of him out there with Broyles, Stills, Miller, Franks, and the others was incredibly exciting.  All we can do at this point is hope that somehow this thing works out in our favor.  Sooner Nation is pulling for you Trey!!!

So now, something I wish I didn't have to do but I'm all to familiar with the stupidity false bravado the anonymity of the Internet can provide.  I know there has been talk here in the past about Metoyer, his grades, his potential ineligibility, and plenty of comments from Texas fans.  Well, hear this and hear it good.  This is an open forum and we encourage fans of all teams to be heard here at CCM.  That said, this will not be a place that tolerates anyone who comes here to make fun of or degrade a young kid who is clearly going through a very difficult situation. I'll repeat, these kind of comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Consider his is your warning.  If you're here to gloat, as I expect some might be, you will be banned.  Immediately.  The ban hammer will be swift and just.  My fellow writers may not agree with me on my stance with this, so if you choose to ignore this warning and do get banned don't waste your time bothering them to plead your case.  This is all me, just so we're clear.  To all our loyal readers, sorry to have to waste your time with that but I just wanted to reassure you that if the trash needs to be taken out we're here to get it done.