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Dual sport stud, Archie Bradley, is now a millionaire. Not an OU Sooner.

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Five million dollars in fact.  Alas, he will not be an Oklahoma Sooner (at least for now, hello class of 2017!).  As with most high round MLB draft picks, Bradley's negotiations with the Arizona Diamondbacks went pretty much right up to the midnight (eastern) deadline.  However he and the club were able to agree to terms, thus ending Sooner Nation's dreams of a MLB ace leading the OU baseball staff for the next three years.

Oh, well.  Many, many congrats to Archie and his family who now won't have to worry about money for a long, long time. Would have loved to have you Mr. Bradley, but just as happy to see a talented young man cash in on that talent.  Now go tear up the majors.  Boomer Sooner!