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Reports state A&M to SEC is done. Mizzou to follow?

Ed. Note - We're going to use this as a 'running thread' for all things realignment related (at least for now) to avoid 15 different posts about the same subject.  So if you'd like to address the issue, please do so in the comments here. Thanks!

UPDATE #2:  How absolutely incredible would it be if the SEC voted not to accept A&M?  According to the Pete Thamel of the NY Times, there is a 30-40% chance of that happening.

UPDATE:  There has been an impromptu conference call schedule for 3pm today between Beebe and Big 12 ADs.

First, tip o' the hat to Sean Post for first posting the news.  Now, as you might expect this is a very fluid situation so by the time I hit "publish" on this things might have changed already.  For instance, Mizzou officials are already denying Gottlieb's claim that they are likely to join A&M in the SEC.  Now we've seen this before from Mizzou and they have already established the fact that they are not to be trusted.  

If this is true, and given that Gottlieb is the source of this info that is a monumental IF, things are even worse than we originally expected.  When it was believed that A&M was pretty much gone, the prevailing thought was OU officials would again try and super glue the Big XII back together by convincing some other team to replace the Aggies.  If Mizzou were to also leave along with A&M, well this conference is as good as dead in my opinion.

Consider some of the teams being discussed to replace A&M before this news broke included Houston, SMU, UTEP, Louisville, BYU, Air Force, maybe a couple others.  If Beebe, UT & OU brass think they can replace Nebraska, Colorado, A&M, and Mizzou with however many they decide from that list of absolute crap teams and still be taken seriously as a national title contending conference they are on drugs.  They could kiss all that t.v. money bye-bye.  Why on earth would they shell out big bucks to a football conference consisting of Houston, SMU, Iowa State, KU, K-State, Baylor, and Texas Tech?  Can you even imagine how weak an OU schedule would be if it stayed in that kind of conference?  Does OU then become Boise State?  Go undefeated and not be taken seriously because of a pathetically weak schedule?  You may laugh, but if their schedule is full of the teams above I'm not sure it's really that far fetched.  

Surely there is more to come on this ever developing story, but for now from the outside looking in things to do appear to be playing out well for our Sooners.