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Oklahoma's Lon Kruger Continues Outreach With Legends Game

Lon Kruger has done much of what I thought Jeff Capel should have been doing, fan and alumni outreach. It is always great to keep fans and former player connected to the university. Not only does this help with putting butts in seats, it tremendously helps in recruiting. Both of these are areas for improvement and it seems that the train is headed down the right track. Kruger knows where this program has come from

"Oklahoma basketball has an outstanding tradition," said first-year head coach Lon Kruger, "and it's important that the former players and coaches who have made this program so successful know that it will always be their program."

and will make an attempt to return it to its glory days.

Not only has Lon Kruger been accepting emails and well as meeting with people but now he is reaching out to the alums. Yesterday, Kruger and the University announced it would be hosting the inaugural Men's Basketball Alumni Reunion (aka Sooner Basketball Family Weekend) on August 26th-27th! This event will welcome back not only former players but also former coaches.

We're one big family and this will be a fulfilling weekend for all of our alumni who can attend.  The large number of players and coaches who have committed to returning reflects the pride they have in the tradition of their program."

Best of all, the Alumni Legends Game (noon @ LNC, door open at 11:00 am) will be free and open to the public headlined by players like Blake Griffin and Hollis Price just to name of few more current ones.