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OU Football - Summer Update

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Is Jamell Fleming's return imminent?
Is Jamell Fleming's return imminent?

So being that it's the beginning of July and we're basically in the most dead of dead periods, at least when it comes to OU football, the lack of news right now is probably a good thing.  Typically, if there is a bunch of news about your favorite team this time of year it's of the bad to really bad variety.  So the fact that things are so quiet around the Sooner program right now, in the long run, is a good thing.  That said, there are some things leaking out of Norman lately and we here at CCM figured you'd want the latest info courtesy of the hard work from those fine folks over at ($).

Oubulletlogo_medium After his departure shortly after the 2010-11 season came to a close, few were optimistic that Jamell Fleming would ever play another game for the Sooners.  It wasn't the first time he had run into some academic troubles and this latest infraction appeared to be as serious as they come.  However, there is some talk starting to surface that the odds are very much in his favor regarding his readmission to OU and being reinstated to the football team.  Obviously until Stoops "officially" comes out and states that he's back nothing is official, but all things point to it being just a matter of time.  Now the implications of what his return would mean for the secondary and expected starter Gabe Lynn specifically is another story.  But I have no doubt Stoops and Martinez will figure out a way to utilize a All-American type player in Fleming and a young stud like Lynn.

Oubulletlogo_medium Along those same lines, five star stud WR recruit Trey Metoyer is still on track to arrive in August.  He is reported to be doing well in his JUCO classes this summer with little reason to doubt that he won't qualify academically later this summer.  In an interesting twist of events, we're all familiar with all the haters down in Austin proclaiming that Metoyer wouldn't make it to campus and how they don't take "grade risk kids."  So I guess they'll have a hard time explaining this as one of their own has now failed to qualify and will have to go the JUCO route.  To be clear, this isn't a shot at the kid but much more of one at the arrogant, hypocritical UT fan.

Oubulletlogo_medium The two freshman who have stood out the most so far are RB Brandon Williams and OL Nila Kasitati.  The news of Williams comes as no surprise given all the hype surrounding him and the fact that he's been here since the spring.  However the news regarding Kasitati is a very pleasant surprise.  He's drawn repeated praise from his fellow teammates for being "an animal" and "an absolute beast" in workouts.  He really seems like a kid that would benefit from a redshirt, to get stronger and improve on his technique, but he may just play himself onto the field by the sound of things.

Oubulletlogo_medium There has been some shifting of guys along the offensive line.  Stephen Good has moved from left to right guard and is expected to compete with Tyler Evans for the starting gig.  Bronson Irwin is currently serving as the backup left guard behind Gabe Ikard.  It appears, for now at least, Coach Patton and Coach Kittle are content to go with Josh Aladenoye, Lane Johnson, and Tyrus Thompson at right tackle until Jarvis Jones is able to return.  So RT is definitely a position to keep an eye on as that is a whole lot of inexperience at a fairly critical spot.

Oubulletlogo_medium Unfortunately, not a whole lot happening on the recruiting front right now.  OU's two main targets, QB Gunner Kiel and WR Dorial Green-Beckham, have been notorious throughout the process for not talking much (if at all) about the recruiting process.  Kiel could make a decision at any point, but even the guys who get paid to follow recruiting know when that might be or can give you anything more than an educated guess as to the team in the lead with the #1 2012 QB recruit.  Green-Beckham isn't expected to make a decision before the end of the summer, at the earliest, so Coach Norvell will just continue to foster the quality relationship he's already developed with DGB and his family. At this point it's almost impossible to predict how the numbers will work out for 2012, but some think OU might have up to seven more spots (OU currently has 10 verbals for 2012) for the class of 2012.  That's considerably higher than previously believed when it was thought that OU's class might not be more than 12 or 13.  Aside from Kiel and DGB, the Sooners are likely looking for a LB, at least one DE, a CB, a DT, and possibly one more o-lineman.

So that's all we've got for now.  Still working on a couple things though and we'll be sure to get them to you if and/or when they develop.  There is another rumor floating around out there about a definite fan favorite, but it's just not at a point where we're comfortable bringing you something, to this point, that would be considered pure speculation. Rest assured if anything, and I do mean anything, tangible/legitimate develops you all will be the first to know.  But for know we're just not comfortable dealing in the business of rumor and possibly casting a negative spotlight on a young man who doesn't really deserve it.