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Oklahoma's Player Ratings From NCAA 12

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The long summer waiting for football is going to get a little shorter with the release of everyone's favorite football game next week, NCAA Football 12.

A lot of information has came out about the game so far with only a week to go, but what everyone wants to know are, what are the player ratings? 

This video on YouTube gave the rankings for all of the Big 12 teams and instead of making you watch the video, I went through and got all of the player ratings below.

Quarterback: Landry Jones (94), Drew Allen (84), Blake Bell (79)

Running Back: Roy Finch (88), Brennan Clay (84), Jermie Calhoun (78), Brandon Williams (75),

Johnathan Miller (67)

Fullback: Trey Millard (78), Marshall Musil (77)

Wide Receiver: Ryan Broyles (96), Kenny Stills (93), Dejuan Miller (86), Trey Franks (84), WR #80 (75),

Jaz Reynolds (74), WR #87 (72)

Tight Ends: James Hanna (83), Trent Ratterree (83), Austin Haywood (75), TE #45 (73)

Tackles: Donald Stephenson (94), Jarvis Jones (89), Tyrus Thompson (84), Josh Aladenoye (82),

RT #70 (73), Adam Shead (69), 

Guards: Gabe Ikard (87), Tyler Evans (91), Stephen Good (85),  Bronson Irwin (83)

Center: Ben Habern (90), Daryl Williams (82)

Defensive Ends: Frank Alexander (91), David King (87), Ronnell Lewis (86), Geneo Grissom (84),

R.J. Washington (80), Torrea Peterson (73) 

Defensive Tackles: Jamarkus McFarland (90), Stacy McGee (88), Casey Walker (83), Eric Humphrey (79), 

Chuka Ndulue (74), DT #93 (72)

Linebackers: Travis Lewis (96), Tom Wort (90)Joseph Ibiloye (85), Austin Box (83), Jaydan Bird (82),

Aaron Franklin (81), Erik Lee (81), Daniel Franklin (79), Rashod Favors (78)

Cornerbacks: Demontre Hurst (90), Jamell Fleming (88), Gabe Lynn (83), Aaron Colvin (80), Lamar Harris (74),

CB #38 (72)

Safeties: Sam Proctor (89), Tony Jefferson (85), Javon Harris (82), Londell Taylor (81), James Haynes (74)

Zach Montana (73)

Kicker/Punter: Tress Way (89), Jimmy Stevens (88)


As you can see there are a few players who are in the game that I was unable to determine who they were, are in the wrong position, are no longer with the team (Fleming), or are no longer with us (RIP Austin).

Overall I don't think the ratings are too far off from what we will actually put on the field and after a few tuning releases by EA sports, the positions and other inaccuracies should be fixed. 

I know I will be picking this game up at midnight like I always do, what about you guys?