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Ridiculously early betting lines for OU football

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We've talked before how OU is the early favorite in Vegas to win it all in 2011 and now, ridiculously early of course, some individual game betting lines have been released.  I've never really been sure if we had that many gamblers here at CCM, but even if you're not risking your own money the betting lines are always kind of interesting and can lead to some lively debates.  The Sooners are very likely to be favored in every game this year, so while that aspect of these lines likely won't surprise you, the spread of a couple just might.  So 40+ days before they've taken a single snap, here are a couple early lines if you're feeling lucky.

OU (-3) at Florida State- Given that it's a road game I think this line is more than fair.  Some FSU fans may be upset that they are a home dog, but I think that's just the homer in them.  This line could come down if the Sooners struggle against Tulsa in the opener and FSU rolls in their first two games (though the competition is VERY weak).

OU (-13) vs Missouri- That's a pretty big line this early even if the game is in Norman.  I know OU will have revenge on their mind after last year's loss in Columbia, but I think this line is heavily dependent on how new Mizzou QB James Franklin looks early.  If he plays well, this number probably drops closer to -10.  If he plays poorly, this might actually be a little low.

OU (-8) vs Texas- Honestly, I'm a little surprised this is so low after seeing the Mizzou line.  I suppose it's due to the rivalry and history of the game, which certainly makes sense.  Though I also think at least a part of it is simply the blind assumption by so many that Texas just can't be as bad as last year.  And to that I say, why the heck not?

OU (-8) vs Texas A&M- Oh.Dear.Lord.  I probably should have omitted this one just to avoid the inevitable troll meltdown.  In Norman, I think A&M will be lucky to keep it this close.  Now look at that, I went and added fuel to the fire.  Bad admin!  Bad, bad, bad, bad.

OU (-2) at Oklahoma State- Some serious respect by the Vegas bookmakers for Okie State here.  For this line to be lower than FSU is really saying something about how strongly they regard the Cowboys this year IMO.  Not saying they don't deserve it necessarily, but I'm going to have to see a BIG improvement from their defense before I think they can keep us within a field goal.

So like I said, this early, this kind of stuff is really just for conversation purposes.  So have fun with people.