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NCAA Makes No Sense: Ohio State Ruling

The NCAA has consistently shown itself to be an incompetent organization especially when it comes to handing out punishment. Time and time again the NCAA has release press conference after press conference trying to explain themselves but only left people scratching their heads at the amateurism model presented to the public.

Should we have expected anything less from the NCAA when it came to the Tattoogate scandal and The Ohio State Buckeyes?

On Friday, the first of many decisions were released. The NCAA told tOSU that they will not receive the most severe charges possible for the memorabilia-for-cash and tattoo scandal that cost Jim Tressel his job for the simple fact that he was the only one who knew of what was going on. This means that the "failure to monitor" tag is going to be ignored in whole.

What baffles most people is that it is clearly blatant that there is a "failure to monitor" the program. Players have come out and said that they were not informed of the regulations which insinuates that the University was not enforcing them either. While tOSU has vacated their season and Big 10 championship status as well as the Sugar Bowl, they still had no fines and no loss of scholarships while the players in violation were allowed to play in their bowl game. Something warrants a punishment of some sort and I see almost none. I don't think this is the same scale the USC Trojans were on but c'mon give them more than just a slap on the wrist.

The NCAA also found no other further violations but will still meet on August 12th to give their final ruling.