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Trey Metoyer Confident He'll Qualify But Will Miss Some Of Fall Camp

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The jury is still out on five-star recruit Trey Metoyer but at least now we'll know when the verdict will be in. Metoyer is currently working to qualify at OU by taking two classes at Tyler Junior College. He must make an A in one class and a B in the other which according to an article in The Oklahoman he's confident will happen but there's another minor problem as well. 

"If I get them, I am on my way up there," Metoyer told the Oklahoman. "Everything is going well. I'm going to class every day and passing my tests and passing my daily grades, so it is looking good."

The current summer semester at Tyler Junior College ends on August 11th which is seven days after the Sooners open camp on August 4th. It is estimated that during that time Metoyer could miss up to ten practices but that isn't shaking his confidence at all. 

"With me coming in late, I'm going to go in and try to learn plays right away," Metoyer said to The Oklahoman. "But I'm confident I will make it."

It at least appears that this is looking more and more like a positive situation for what many are describing as the crown jewel of Oklahoma's last recruiting class. 


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