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NCAA Places LSU On One Year Probation

The state of Oklahoma's favorite college football coach to make fun of saw his football program placed on a one year probation today by the NCAA. Before you get too excited/upset please make sure that you understand it means absolutely nothing to Les Miles or the LSU football program as the NCAA accepted the self-imposed penalties already in place by the university. 

The issue at hand was the recruitment of defensive tackle Akiem Hicks by former assistant coach D.J. McCarthy in 2009. Already aware of the situation, LSU placed the self-imposed sanctions of reducing the scholarship limit by two and a reduction of recruiting visits and calls. On Tuesday the NCAA upheld those sanctions and then added a year of probation along with the dreaded public reprimand.

Personally I think this is one of the very few times the NCAA got it right. Hicks never played a down of football for the Tigers and McCarthy is no longer on the staff. I just wish they would have imposed a hat penalty forcing Miles to wear one that actually fit his head.