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OU Football - Summer attrition has two more casualties

Word coming out of the Sooner Caravan in Tulsa tonight is that Coach Stoops was quoted as saying Daniel Noble will not be returning to the team and Jarrett Brown will be transferring.  I think most of you are familiar with Noble's situation after having to sit out almost all of last year after suffering a severe concussion.  Very sad that it now appears to have cost him his football career.  Jarrett Brown was a sophomore tight end from Arlington, TX who I don't believe had ever seen the field.  Always hate to lose any kids and losing Noble due to a health concern is even more disappointing, however he is obviously making the right decision for his long term future.  Apparently he is planning to stay enrolled at OU and finish his degree, so that is very good news.

Anyway, not breaking news or anything but I thought you'd all like to know the latest.  Boomer Sooner to both Daniel and Jarrett for all they contributed during their time with the team.